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4/13/21: Autonomous Commerce – What’s Next in Digital Disruption

While manufacturers, logistics providers, and retailers have just gotten used to electronic and mobile commerce, a third wave of digital disruption is underway. The integration of smart homes and kitchens with last-mile delivery services, sidewalk robots, predictive analytics, and other technologies started in China’s high tech cities like Shenzhen; was accelerated in the US and Europe by covid quarantines; and is now drawing billions in venture funding to transform industries ranging from automotive to retail and restaurants. Join long-time technology analyst Mark Bünger to hear about the changes from 2021 to 2030, and discuss and debate how to handle this new future.

Event at The Frontier

4/13/21: Transportation & Logistics: Technologies That Are Leading The Sector

The future of transportation and logistics will see more change in the next decade than it has in the last century, thanks to unprecedented investments and innovation on opposite ends of the size scale. Globally, massive infrastructure projects like China's Belt and Road project will reshape the flows of global trade. At the same time, last-mile and last-meter logistics will become frictionless as autonomous electric vehicles and robots enter urban markets. How will these revolutions affect where things are made, where they go, and whether they’re owned, borrowed, or shared? What can the intermodal container revolution of the late 20th century tell us about what's going to happen next? Who will be the innovators, winners, and losers on the scale from startups to nations? So many questions! And this panel offers just the right people to answer them.

Event at The Frontier

4/13/21: Manufacturing Innovation: How Technology Can Drive Productivity

Robotics, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and advanced computer aided design (CAD) have all gone from futuristic to commonplace in recent years. But these technologies are hardly the end of the road for innovation in manufacturing, and this formerly change-resistant industry is now embracing an exciting new future of unprecedented speed, agility, and innovation. While the US and Europe seek to rebuild a manufacturing base, China and other nations have massive programs and a global strategy. Join us for this panel to talk about manufacturing’s future from now throughout the 2020s. We’ll discuss how it will affect jobs, geopolitics, prosperity, and industry - and where you and your company can play a part.

Event at The Frontier

5/7/21: Killing Turing - on regulating AI and other forbidden fruit

Mark will delivery the closing talk at Denmark's largest tech conference, providing a summary of IWDK21 from an artificial assistant, a discussion of the role of AI and UI in building trust with users, and a better understanding of the role AI will play in the future in terms of expanding human creativity, empathy, and agency.

Event at Internet Week Denmark

9/23/21: Regenerative technologies: Building a better future one bit, byte, and biome at a time

Striving for sustainability is a global imperative - but what if it's insufficient? We've struggled to meet sustainability goal after goal, instead creating an even deeper ditch out of which we have to climb. It’s said that if you want to reach the stars, you should at least aim for the moon. In this case, the moon at which we point our fingers must motivate millions of people to go higher, beyond just leaving no trace to actual building back what we've lost in the years and generations up to now. Not all of the solutions are technological; but many of the best ones are: machines that can not only reduce CO2, but convert it into useful materials. Organisms that can not only support an expanding population of humans, but replace the wildlife and ecosystems we've driven to near extinction (or past it). And digital technologies that can accelerate all the other improvements, and give us the foresight to avoid future crises. All of these technologies stem from different fields - sometimes so distant, that they're not aware of each other. But as the world wakes up from covid, the 2020s will be characterized by an increasing awareness, integration, and implementation of deeptech, digital tech and natural tech that together can not just avert catastrophe, but help regenerate a better environment and society than has ever been. Join us for this expansive and optimistic exploration of the world we’re about to enter.

Event at TBD