We deal in Futures and Future Literacy

We help companies recognize & plan existential threats and emerging markets, reach sustainable development goals, achieve an emerging market fit, and discover novel business strategies.

Our work goes beyond writing reports and creating design thinking exercises. The future synthesis approach transforms the perfect mix of data science, experimentation, and forecasting into a narrative artifact, product, and experience to help your team realize a better future faster.


  • Individual & Corporate Methodology Training

  • Research & Design Processes

  • Design & Futuring Workshops


  • Innovation & Moonshot Consulting

  • Collaborative Future Commissions


  • Syndicated Research Verticals

  • Trend & Market Research

  • Future Design Prototyping

  • Focus Groups & Industry Leader Seminars

our offerings
Training for Futures

Workshop: Synthesizing Futures

Synthesizing Futures is a 4-week long interactive experience designed for professionals to upskill their foresight, future literacy, and future making capabilities.

Participants can start with an idea, a problem, or just an area of curiosity; and finish with a detailed understanding of its causes and consequences, a narrative and conceptual prototype of a future product (or business model, policy, service…), and a roadmap to reach the future space. Available focus for Corporates and Individuals.

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Establishing Futures


Together we have over 50 years of experience in analysis, forecasting, design and development for startups, moonshot factories, and Fortune 500 companies.

We can help you strategize and deploy your research and development, innovation, or moonshot studio.

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Exploring Futures

Future Labs

Our core offering is a year-long cycle of trend, participatory, and design research to build a better future through experimentation. Subscribing to this full-service package gives lab members access to three types of deliverables throughout the calendar year: Analyses, Artifacts, and Actions.

We have four syndicated projects, but we available for custom investigations which could vary from researching a single technology or experience to building on top of your team's extensive research. If you want the most of Futurity Studio, our research, design, production skills are yours. Being tailored to your needs, all of our output is for your team only.

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Analyze data to generate hypothetical future scenarios–both desirable and undesirableAnalysisTest the hypothetical Artifact in the real world, measuring with observation, surveys, and ethnographic tools to get primary dataActionCreate an interactive embodiment of desired hypothetical scenario from the AnalysisArtifactLEARNSYNTHESIZINGFUTURESINVENTIterate the cycle six times, each time building on past findings and exploring new aspects in depthITERATEInitiate a new Lab with a problem/opportunity statement, and secondary data describing the state of the space todayNEW LABBy the end of the Lab, prime our members with the data, ideas, and ecosystem partners needed to make a better future happen fasterEND LAB